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Sustainability Writer Grounded in Science and Art

Many sustainability writers can give your content a green sheen. Bluegreen Content has the chops to go deeper to advance your environmental and social goals and business value.

Meet Diana Kightlinger

Founder and Principal Content Writer

Diana is a sustainability writer, communicator, strategist, scientist, and innovator who breathes life into data and shapes it into powerful stories. Long before the UN Sustainability Development Goals existed, she collaborated with organizations committed to transforming the world.

What makes Bluegreen Content unique? It’s the science and technology knowledge. The sustainability writing and editing expertise. And the endless curiosity and passion that support healing the planet and helping the 8 billion people living on it. Diana ensures every project makes the audience stop, think, and care deeply to achieve your brand’s mission.

Diana is a LEED Green Associate and GRI-certified in ESG reporting. A profound respect for nature has been part of her psyche from her early days in Alaska—and that continues when she leaves her desk. Diana is also a runner, hiker, trekker, sailor, skier, adventurer, and owner of a world-famous dog.

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From Zero to Bluegreen Content

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Understand your brand

We start with a deep dive into your audience, purpose, and brand differentiators, as well as features and benefits. Once I’m elbow-deep in pain points and solutions, I can get across your key messages in a smart and convincing way.

Untangle logic and emotion

Buying decisions are 20% logic, 80% emotion. So your products and services must satisfy desires as well as needs. Your audience should feel how a product, service, or solution will make their lives and the world a little better.

Add passion for a healthier world

I want upcoming generations to enjoy the same experiences of environment, culture, place, and people that you and I do. So, I work to help your business reach environmental, social, and economic goals to make that possible.

Spin stories into content gold

After 2+ decades of writing, I know how to put storytelling to work. I earned an MA from one of the Top 25 U.S. journalism schools, then provided content writing services for global brands, nonprofits, and agencies to turn marcom experience into content gold.

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Dedicated to freely sharing your insight and expertise with clients

Intent on sparking interest in your valuable products and services

Looking for a long-term content partner to help achieve your goals

Ready to make your audience stop, think, care, and contact you today

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